As I go about my day, I have a constant flow of ideas I’d like to write about.

But as I finally have time to sit down and look at Tumblr, I can’t recall any of those very wise and insightful thoughts.

These random things are all I can muster right now:

* My son just turned 13 and he’s as tall as I am. Where did this man-child come from!

* I’m sick and probably shouldn’t be drinking this wine.

* My husband and I snowshoe raced on Sunday and it was fun/awful/hard.

* My focus right now to get ready for Ironman Arizona isn’t on training, its on setting up family and household systems that will better support my high volume training in the few months before the actual race.

* I eat pretty well, why can’t I lose this weight? Oh, yeah. Probably cuz of the wine.

* I’m sad I haven’t been blogging for quite a while and really regret not having a log to go back and read as I trained and raced my first Ironman last year. My mental race report is fading.

* I’m headed to Southern California for Ragnar in April. I questioned whether or not I should go since its somewhat expensive –  but my husband pointed out, its the most fun I have all year. So worth it!

* I drink Nuun after all of my workouts and also after all of my wine drinking #protip

* Since I started my current job two years ago, I simply don’t have the time I used to to blog and keep up with social media. I’d really like to find a way to write more. I think its good for me.


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