Rev3 Maine Non-Race Report

This should have been a race report.

A few weeks ago, I started having IT band pain on the bike and then hamstring pain on the run followed along shortly.  While I started PT and did what I could, this race wasn’t happening.

Luckily, Rev3 has a great deferment policy, so on the bright side, at least I’ve started my 2017 race planning. Ironically, only other time I raced this race was two years ago. I was injuried and couldn’t run so I did the aquabike instead.  Let’s hope third time is a charm.

But our hotel was booked and it was the last weekend of summer vacation before the kids went back to school, so we decided to head to Old Orchard Beach anyway. I’m so glad we did, it was a wonderful weekend getaway.


Saturday morning, I hit the ocean for an open water swim. I wanted to swim at the official race practice area since it was staffed with kayakers.  So I started at my hotel, swam own to the pier, swam out to some of the buoys and then back again.  A nice 1.5 mile swim. I wanted to do more, but got a nasty wetsuit hickey which hurt, never had that happen before.


By my hotel, there were people and kids swimming in the water and having a great time. Meanwhile, down by the pier, the triathletes in their pricey wetsuits were complaining about the cold water. Pretty funny.
After swimming, I hit up the race expo to register to volunteer and to see the ART guy. What that guy did to my piriformis was a miracle.
The rest of the day was a great family day with lots of beach sitting and rollercoaster riding.
We took the kids to a fortuneteller who told my son he’ll have a kid who’s difficult and will probably spend a night in jail!
Started the day at the swim start which was near my hotel. It was difficult to watch because I wanted to be out there so badly.
 Saw Team Hoyt getting ready for the swim.
 My volunteer duty started at noon and was stationed at the finish line WHICH WAS AWESOME. My job was to remove everyone’s timing chip.  I saw Team Hoyt finish and removed his chip and hundreds of others.
 It was amazing.  Some people are emotional, some run right through and barely stop.  One finisher was celebrating his 65th birthday.
The best part was handing out the medal to the final finisher.
Rev3 puts on a great race and I highly recommend giving them a try.  I’ll be back next year and will cross the finish line instead of working it.

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